Perks of Not Living in A University Dorm

I got really disappointed because I was late to apply for a dorm due to late admission (though I just recently heard that there were appeals going on and I can still apply). Because of this, I tried to look for dorms/apartment/condo/bedspace which are near the university.

I asked a lot of renters but I only got to view one and that is Sofia Bellevue Room 215I. I loved the place because the unit is well-furnished and it’s a 5-10 min ride to UP Diliman. Although it’s quite pricey (rent around Php 4750 excluding electricity, water or internet), I preferred this because of its comfortability and nearness to banks, cheap food stalls, and the highway or main road.

Will I stay here for the duration of my masters (2 years)?

Start Over

I started this blog to write down and record the important occurrences and experiences that I have in my life. There are times in my life that I lose sight of my dreams, my goals, and my wants. I am a very fickle person and, for me, that’s quite dangerous. Nasa tamang daan na pala ako, kaso lumiko pa kasi mas maginhawa or dahil sabi lang ng iba. 

For today, I have started living away from my family (though still in the same country) to study for my masters degree. I wanted to get away from the stressful life of working in the industry and try to discover what field I really want to be in while still improving my knowledge in chemical engineering.

Not knowing what I want to do while still in my almost mid-20s is, I think, fine because it allows me to experience different things and will help me discover myself more. Let’s see what is in store for me. I hope it’s exciting, fruitful, and satisfying.